How writing can help you find your purpose.

How writing can help you uncover your true passions and discover the work you're really meant to do.

Writing can help you figure out your calling.

Every single day I sit down at my desk, open my laptop and write out my thoughts. It's one of the only habits I've been able to stick to for 5+ years. Once in a while I'll get fancy and sketch out some mind-maps on my iPad Pro, but for the most part I write (for myself) in Notion.

You'd figure that writing every day for 5 years would make me a pretty decent blogger, but writing for yourself and writing for others are two completely different beasts.

When I write for myself, I consider it freestyle.

It comes out as a series of fragmented thoughts and ideas. Things like punctuation, formatting, structure and readability don't really matter. There's no beginning, middle or end. It doesn't even need to make sense - the only real purpose is to get it out of my own head.

But when you write for others, it needs to be structured.

You don't want to waste anyones time. You want to present condensed ideas that are relatable and actionable. You want to provide some form of value to the reader. It doesn’t matter if it's educational or entertainment; it needs to have value and it needs to be laid out in a condensed and succinct manner.

The very act of structuring your thoughts for others to see helps give it a more defined shape and resolution. If someone asked you on the spot "Hey, tell me what you want to do in 5 years" you'd probably stumble a bit. But if they gave you a week to go home and plot it all out, you'd likely come back with a better game plan.

Why writing online is worth it.

  1. Make better sense of your own ideas.
    If writing quick blurbs can help process your thoughts, then writing in a structured and intentional way can help even more. Crafting a blog post with images, quotes and research gives life to your ideas. There's a beginning and an end. It gives clarity and definition.
  1. Get valuable feedback.
    Talking through your thought process is incredibly valuable for your mental health. Writing a journal can help, but talking it out with someone helps even more. The latter allows you to get realtime advice/feedback. You can gain valuable insights that you may not have considered yourself.
  2. Find supporters and build community.
    As unique of a snowflake you might think you are, there's still thousands (if not millions) of people out there who feel the same way as you. Sharing your thoughts can give a voice to others who are going through the same thing. Just reading your content can help others through their own journey. The internet is a wild place - you can build a global community of supporters no matter how unique your ideas are.

I want to write in the open more.

My point is that I'm attempting to write more in public this year. Writing helps me process my thoughts, but writing well helps me find clarity in them. And the things I really want clarity on this year is about how to build a career that maximizes my creativity, fulfillment and freedom so that I can spend more meaningful time with my family. 

To be a little more concrete, some of the things I'm going to write about:

  • How to find fulfillment in your work
  • How to find the work you're really meant to do
  • How to find your first clients for your creative business
  • How to figure out how to charge for your time/effort
  • How to build a side-hustle so you can eventually leave your job
  • Tips for how to run everything without burning out
  • Where to find other driven people like yourself
  • ... and lots more.

I should be clear here... I don't know the answers to a lot of these questions myself. I'm still figuring it out. But these are questions that I'm fundamentally drawn to and would like the answers for, as they would help me in my own business. But the simple act of researching a problem, asking others for their input and sharing what I've found publicly should be beneficial for both of us.

If you're interested in any of these topics, give me a shout on Twitter so I know what resonates most.