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Butchart Gardens Wallpaper Pack


A collection of stunning dark & moody high-resolution wallpapers for desktop/mobile. These photos were all taken at Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC by Haruka Sawaya.

  • 5 Mobile Wallpapers
  • 5 Desktop Wallpapers (+ 1 bonus wallpaper)
  • Desktop Wallpapers (3000 x 3376)
  • Mobile Wallpapers (2250 x 4000)

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"I absolutely love this. The colours are incredible. It's now my wallpaper, too."

- Justin Reinheller

"This is S T U N N I N G. Amazing job!!!"

- Meghan Labadie

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Butchart Gardens Wallpaper Pack

A few weeks ago we went for a (socially distanced) trip with our friends to Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC. While there, we toured the Japanese gardens and snapped photos along the way.

Haruka brought our Sony A7C paired with one of my favourite lenses, the Sony 85mm 1.8. Although she's what most would consider an amateur photographer, she still captured photos blew me away thanks to their composition, attention to detail and framing.

When we got home, I went through the photos and edited my favourites. I went for a dark and moody edit to reflect the long, dark winter we've gone through this year.

Spring is around the corner, vaccines are too.

We can't wait.

What's included in the wallpaper pack?

  • 5 Ultra High-Resolution Wallpapers for PC/Mac
  • 5 Retina Wallpapers for iOS/Android
  • 1 Bonus desktop wallpaper

Here's a sneak preview...

Information about Butchart Gardens

What is Butchart Gardens? 

Butchart Gardens is a massive garden attraction that is located on Vancouver Island, near Victoria. It’s renowned for its grand displays of exotic flowers, unique trees and greenery. It even has miniature gardens like the Japanese Garden complete with koi ponds. It's a photographer/videographers dream location thanks to it’s endless backdrops.

Where is Butchart Gardens? 

Butchart Gardens is located on Vancouver Island at 800 Benvenuto Ave, Brentwood Bay, BC V8M 1J8 (click here for Google map directions). It’s about 30 minutes from Downtown Victoria, and roughly 20 minutes from the Victoria ferry terminal. 

Who owns Butchart Gardens?

The history of Butchart Gardens is pretty cool; you can read about it on their Wikipedia page. The actual Gardens are owned by the Butchart family, and the owner/managing director is Robin-Lee Clarke.

When’s the best time to visit Butchart Gardens? 

The best time to go to see floral displays is in between spring and summer months, since the flowers are newly bloomed and at their healthiest. However, we hear the Autumn months are gorgeous as well, particularly in the Japanese Garden where the leaves turn into various shades of brown and orange. 

How much does Butchart Gardens cost? 

Rates change depending on the season. When we went (March) tickets were $27.00 per adult, including tax. Your best bet is to check their rates page to see the very latest ticket prices.

When is Butchart Gardens in bloom?

The flowers in Butchart Gardens change with each passing season, but we feel the main attraction kicks off in March. We’d suggest visiting from mid-April to September for the best display of flowers and greenery. 

Is Butchart Gardens open during COVID?

Yes - with caveats. You need to wear a mask, even when outdoors. You also need to follow the directions on the ground to avoid running into other groups. You also aren’t supposed to go with people outside of your household. 

As with all COVID guidelines, these rules could change at any moment, so we recommend contacting Butchart Gardens or checking out their COVID-19 page the very latest COVID restrictions. 

Is Butchart Gardens dog friendly? 

To our surprise, yes! We actually didn’t know this, otherwise we’d bring our pups. As long as you have them leashed, they’re well behaved and they aren’t using the flowers as their own personal hydrants, you’ll be fine. 

Can you use a drone in Butchart Gardens? 

No - same goes with selfie sticks. 

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Butchart Gardens Wallpaper Pack

By Justin Veenema
A collection of stunning dark & moody garden wallpapers for Mac, PC, iOS & Android.
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