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Gumroad Sales Dashboard for iOS


A beautiful no-code iOS widget to track your Gumroad sales/revenue on your home screen. Compatible with iPhone and iPad.

  • Track orders, sales and revenue from Gumroad
  • Customize the colours/sizes
  • Easy, no-code solution
  • Uses apps you already use, like Google Sheets, Zapier, iOS Shortcuts and Charty
  • Comes with 4 ready-made chart presets, video instructions and .PDF
  • Track sales in real-time without opening apps

Support is available via email. You can contact me here.

"Finally I can quickly see revenue for my products at a glance. Works great on my iPad too."

Topp Brocales, Product Designer

"Now I see every dollar that comes in from my digital art sales. 10/10."

Barez Mardukhi, Digital Designer

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Gumroad Sales Dashboard for iOS

About the Gumroad Sales Dashboard for iOS

Gumroad is a staple in the creator community as it enables creators to monetize their work. I wanted to track my Gumroad sales/revenue more often throughout the day so I built this custom (unofficial) iOS Dashboard for myself.

This tool allows you to track your Gumroad analytics with beautiful charts on your iPhone's home screen (iPhone and iPad) via iOS widgets. The dashboard pulls in key metrics from Gumroad such as orders, income (revenue), revenue to date and it even breaks down your most popular products.

Get the latest sales/income reports at lightning speed, without digging into different apps. Build your own personalized sales dashboard to monitor the Gumroad metrics you care most about as a creator.

  • 📊 See your latest Gumroad stats on your home screen
  • 🎉 Lifetime access - no monthly fees
  • 🌗 Bright and Dark themes
  • 🎨 Customizable colors
  • 🤖 Uses free tools you already love
  • 🔒 Your data is yours - we don't see anything
  • 👨‍💻 No coding needed
  • 🔬 Totally customizable (if you know how to tweak code)
Gumroad Sales Revenue Charts Dashboard for iPhone and iPad

Who was this built for?

I mostly built this for myself, but anyone that uses Gumroad to sell digital items (and has an iPhone) can get value from this dashboard. It's built for creators, makers, builders, digital artists, musicians, writers and anyone else in the creator community.

What Gumroad stats can you track?

  • Daily Income + Sales
  • Yearly Income + Sales
  • Cumulative Sales
  • Total Income + Sales
  • Breakdown of most popular products
  • Trend lines / Averages
Gumroad Sales Widget for iOS

What's included in the dashboard pack?

  • 8 Custom iOS Shortcuts/Widgets
  • 8 Charty Templates
  • Custom Google Sheets Dashboard
  • Custom Zapier Zap
  • Setup + customization video tutorial
  • Comprehensive .PDF guide
Gumroad Analytics Dashboard on iPad

Frequently Asked Questions

How do these dashboard widgets work?

Before we break this part down, you should know that the installation process is super easy. We've done all the heavy lifting so all you need to do is link your stats (via Zapier).

But if you really want to know how it all works, we use a combination of free apps including Charty, Zapier, iOS Shortcuts and Google Sheets to pull-in your data and create beautiful charts/graphs.

There's quite a few scripts and complex spreadsheet equations to make it all work, but all you need to do is install the shortcuts and link it via Zapier.

Gumroad Dashboard for iOS

Can I customize the widgets?

Yes! It's fairly easy to change the sizes and colors. If you're a developer or a Google Sheets wizard you're free to tweak more things and display different data/timelines, but further modifications to the script aren't officially supported.

Don't worry though, it will work great right out of the box for any of the charts listed above.

Is this available on Android?

Sadly, no. The core apps and extensions (Charty, iOS Shortcuts) aren't available on android at this time.

Does this utilize the Gumroad API?

At this time we're pull the data via API using Zapier. A direct integration via API isn't available (yet) but I'm considering it in the future.

Funds future development.

Every dollar gets put back into the business so I can keep developing unique assets. Have a request? Get in touch with me!

Support a creator directly.

No marketplace, algorithms or affiliates. Just good ol' fashion support for a digital creator who's trying to build cool shit.

Digitally crafted with care.

These assets are made with lots of care and attention to detail. I spend a fair bit of time sanding the edges to make it polished.

Gumroad Sales Dashboard for iOS

By Justin Veenema
A beautiful no-code iOS widget to track your Gumroad sales/revenue on your home screen. Compatible with iPhone and iPad.
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