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Time is Precious Wallpaper


This is a photo I snapped while in Gastown that I converted to a series of wallpapers. Fun fact, this is actually the Industrial Light and Magic offices in Vancouver.

  • Includes computer/laptop versions
  • Includes mobile/iOS versions
  • Desktop (2560x1440)
  • Laptop (1440x900)
  • Mobile version (1080x1920)
  • Full Resolution JPEG

Support is available via email. You can contact me here.

"This wallpaper lives on my phone at all times. Pretty cool that it's a local place, too."

- Barez Mardukhi, Designer at Hyper Hippo

"I got a $20k Mac Pro and immediately installed this wallpaper on it."

- Topp Brocales, Designer at Seven Geese

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Time is Precious Wallpaper

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Time is Precious Wallpaper

By Justin Veenema
A stunning dark brick + neon wallpaper for Mac, PC, iOS & Android showcasing the Industrial Light & Magic office in Vancouver.
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