The structure of Brand Stories™ is uniquely small and nimble. Many agencies want to see growth at any cost, but that's not how we run our business. Our motto is less, but better.

That's why we strive to keep our team as small and laser-focused as possible. Our day-to-day operations are handled by a team of two, while the video production side is more scaleable.

  • Justin Veenema, Founder & Managing Director
  • Haruka Sawaya, Admin, Coordination Assistant

As founders, we've found that we're most fulfilled when working with a limited number of clients, instead of juggling two dozen projects at a time. We prefer working intimately with our clients so that we can produce the absolute best results possible for their business.

Why we're such fanatics about marketing.

Most people assume that in order to run a successful video agency, you need to have gone to school for video. We took the opposite approach, spending 8+ years working with some of the fastest-growing digital marketing teams in Western Canada, including: 

We began learning video in 2018 and started seeing immediate results in our customers' analytics shortly after. We've since produced countless high-converting marketing videos for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

We we started a video production company.

We didn't start a video production company because we like making videos. We started a video production company because of the immense power video has to transform a brand.

Video is one of the most effective marketing tools on the planet, as long as it's combined with the proper strategy and execution. We noticed a distinct gap in the market between videographers with business knowledge, and marketing professionals with an eye for creativity.