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To say that Justin's consultation was worth every penny would be an understatement.  To gain insight into both the video and marketing businesses in one place was invaluable in terms of my return on investment. If you want to truly invest the most effective time and effort into your business look no further; he knows how it feels to be in your shoes and has made it past the brink. His honesty and knowhow are extremely appreciated and I couldn't speak higher of his caliber as a peer.

10 minutes listening to Justin feedback has changed the look of my website dramatically. I feel so much better with my website now than before. If you get the chance to collaborate with Justin I wouldn't hesitate for one second.

The confidence that this template has given me was well worth the money. I truly believe that my website now has the capability to convince someone to click the "contact button" and that is such a good feeling. Justin has also been super helpful and honestly just wants to see me succeed in my business. FIVE STARS SIR!

HOLY SHIT MAN, even I'm starting to think my company is more impressive than it really is with this website!! I can't thank you enough. Best money I've ever spent on something like this.

I’ve been wanting this website since I first met Justin. It was to the point that I was ready to try to buy his whole company for it. Luckily for me I just scored the best looking website template for under $100.

The things that Justin discovered and suggested on my little landing page website blew my mind! His knowledge of SEO and human psychology as far as website layouts is unbelievable. Justin's website audit has changed my website from a landing page with a questionnaire to a revenue generating asset. I couldn't recommend him more.

Justin's ability to take complex concepts like SEO and explain them in a way that is easy to understand is amazing. He is kind in his approach and genuinely cares about providing value to everyone he works with. I'm stoked to have him in my corner helping me out! Thank you!

The knowledge and communication skills that Justin has are like no other. When I watch his live-streams I can feel his sincerity throughout the whole process. Justin's heart and goal is to provide information in order to see other creators grow their business, and that is super refreshing. He has given me the resources to not only be confident in my business, but also in myself.

Justin did a great job with my website audit, providing me with several #holyshift moments that completely changed how I plan to adapt my site for better results. I can't stress enough how helpful his guidance was. Game. Changed.

Great job Justin, you bring to the table a skill set I do not have as a small business.  Your candor and care to bring both encouragement and criticisms is refreshing and effective.  And perhaps best of all, you share some of those tools and skills to send me off in a good trajectory to continue my education and improve on my own.  I'm so glad to have worked with you.

It's crazy how much this helped me out. The breakdown simplified WHAT people are actually searching for when it comes to video services and when they land on your page, what brings them to wanting to purchase from you. All the SEO tips were a huge #holyshift moment for me, I didn't realize how important that was and how ranking on Google makes a HUGE difference for you biz. But the best part of the breakdown was having a set of eyes giving you professional advice on what works.

Working with Justin and his team on our latest event was incredible ... and the quality of his work continues to have a resounding effect on our marketing and advertising.

Tons of value from the call with Justin! Tons of holy shift moments that I will for sure be applying into my business. Conversation was easy flowing and I can't wait to share the results.

The relief and peace of mind you have as a business owner after having Justin review your website and give you professional advice and guidance is priceless. Justin took his time, went through my entire website and created video content walking me through every positive, every negative, as well as the actual corrections to make.

Justin did awesome on my website audit.  First, he was genuine with his appreciation for what my site was doing right but even more importantly, he provided so much value in simple and actionable steps to hopefully increase conversion rates on my site.  I actually got so excited I shared the review with a few of my closer clients to show them how providing value can be done.  Thanks again Justin!

A professional and straight-to-the-point audit was made by Justin Veenema for my website. Absolutely great review and valuable points that I will definitely implement and make my website even better. Thanks again, man! Keep up the great work!

Justin helped me to clarify a long term problem of defining what I do and want to do with my video business going forward, which is quite significant. His insight, intelligence, and empathy are what drew me to him in the first place and to experience this for myself was well worth the price of admission. I would highly recommend a consulting session to anyone considering!